Dark Arts 101 Set

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welcome to the dark side.

this compendium is an essential addition for any MOONCAT who perpetually flirts with their inner darkness. with five moody cremes, each as ~dark as your soul~, this set will light an infernal flame in your heart and carve out an eternal place in your lacquer rotation.

the DARK ARTS 101 SET set includes EMO FOR LIFE, a one-coat black creme lacquer, INTO THE ABYSS, a deep midnight creme lacquer, POISON IVY, a rich forest creme lacquer, FROM THE ASHES, a sultry oxblood creme lacquer, and QUEEN OF CHAOS, a regal amethyst creme lacquer.

application: a real smooth operator. while this creamy lacquer may dry smooth on its own,  we still recommend applying our MATTE MADE IN HELL or SPEED DEMON TOP COAT for a long-lasting finish.

storage: think of mooncat nail lacquers like vampires. they feel most at home in cool, dark places. store them accordingly to keep them looking and applying their best. lacquer exposed to too much heat or sunlight may change in color or consistency over time...and just have generally bad vibes.

size: 12ml

darks art 101 set ingredients can be found here: EMO FOR LIFE, INTO THE ABYSS, POISON IVY, FROM THE ASHES and, QUEEN OF CHAOS

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