1. always work one nail at a time. apply a full coat of magnetic lacquer and immediately hover your magnetic wand as close to the nail as possible. use the rectangular end to create a stripe effect or the round end for a more abstract result. hover your wand for at least 10-15 seconds.

*for the strongest effect, hover until the lacquer dries, for ~45-60 seconds.

2. repeat step one until your lacquer is opaque.

3. once your nails are dry, seal them one by one with SPEED DEMON TOP COAT. immediately hover your wand over your nail to prevent the magnetic pigments from spreading. keep hovering until your top coat is completely dry. this step is crucial for locking in a sharp final design

FOR FASTER APPLICATION: start with a coat of crème lacquer—use black lacquer for dark magnetics or any complementary opaque shade for light magnetics. doing so will create an opaque foundation and allow you to use fewer coats of magnetic lacquer per manicure.